Independence Townhomes I

2023 Re-Roofing Project: Phase 2.1

Let's Raise (and Replace) the Roof!

Among the responsibilities of Independence Townhomes I Association on behalf of its homeowners is to replace the roofing system on a regular schedule, at or near the end of its design lifespan. As most units in Townhomes I were constructed between 2005 and 2007, the roofs are now at an age where they need to be replaced. To ensure this project is undertaken with fiscal responsibility in mind, it has been divided into phases. Phase 1, consisting of 15 buildings and 63 units on the south side of the community, which was completed in fall on 2022. We are now moving on to Phase 2.1 , comprising of all buildings on Whittridge and Peekskill, which will begin Monday April 10th

In an open meeting the Board of Directors for Independence Townhomes I selected United Roofing, LLC as its partner for this phase of the project. United will be managing all elements of the roofing replacement, from demo and removal to installation and inspection. The Board and Management team will take an active role in monitoring and supervising the work as they proceed from building to building.

United will be installing TruDefinition Owens Corning Duration , a product selected to complement the design of our buildings and maximize lifespan with a strong manufacturer's warranty.

Learn more about the TruDefinition Owens Corning Duration architectural shingles with SureNail Technology

Buildings Included in this Phase 

Weather permitting, once started this project will take approximately 6-8 weeks to complete from start to completion. Each building will take several days, and United's' team will be working on more than one building at a time for efficiency.

Buildings to be completed in Phase 2.1
Duplex 10: 14608  and 14614 Whittridge Dr 
Duplex 11: 14620  and 14626 Whittridge Dr 
Duplex 12: 14632  and 14638 Whittridge Dr
Duplex 13: 14644 and 14650 Whittridge Dr
Duplex 14: 14524 and 14518 Whittridge Dr. Beginning week of May 1st
Duplex 15: 14512 and 14506 Whittridge Dr. Beginning week of May 1st
Duplex 16: 14500 and 14494 Whittridge Dr. Beginning week of May 1st
Duplex 17: 14488 and 14482 Whittridge Dr. Beginning week of May 1st (weather pending)
Building 16:  14724 -14742 Peekskill Dr.  Final Inspection 4/28 - 4/29
Building 17: 14748 - 14778 Peekskill Dr.  Final Inspection 4/28 - 4/29
Building 18: 14784 - 14802 Peekskill Dr.
Building 19: 14808 - 14832 Peekskill Dr.
Building 20: 14833 - 14821 Peekskill Dr.
Building 21: 14803 - 14785 Peekskill Dr.
Building 22: 14779 - 14749 Peekskill Dr.  COMPLETED
Building 23: 14743 - 14713 Peekskill Dr. COMPLETED

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What We Need From You

A project of this size and complexity cannot be successful without your support.
Here's what we need from you to make sure we get things right the first time.

Roofing is noisy.

If you live in a unit that will be part of this project, please understand that the process of removing and replacing your roof will be noisy. You will experience rattling and vibration inside your home, and there will be dust and debris generated when the old material is pulled away and disposed of. If you work from home, have infants or young children, or pets irritated by noise, you may wish to consider spending part of your day outside your home.

While non-service animals are not permitted inside Residents Club buildings, kids are welcome with their parents/guardians. We also have free wi-fi and print/fax capability for working from home.

United's' team will be at work Mon-Fri, 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., weather permitting. If weather is bad and the work is needed to be done, some Saturdays may be scheduled from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Prepare the interior and exterior of your home.

If you have valuable framed artwork on the walls, especially on the second floor, please consider taking them down and safely storing them temporarily. The same is true of any delicate items perched on a stand or pedestal.

Access will be required all around the outside of your home. Please ensure that you take down flags and flag poles, garden decorations, solar lights, market lights, umbrellas, glass patio furniture, windchimes, exterior decorations on the walls, and anything else that could be damaged by high reaches, ropes and ladders, and other moving equipment.

Solar panels and satellite dishes must be removed.

If your unit has solar panels or satellite dishes on the roof, you MUST remove them either on your own or with a professional contractor. The Association will NOT remove your solar array or satellite dishes, and you will not be compensated for this work. Approval for any solar array in a townhome unit is conditional that it be removed when the Association must carry out its obligation to the building's roof.

If you have a solar array or satellite dish on your unit, you will be separately contacted and provided a timetable by which these items must be removed. Failure to do will jeopardize the project's timetable.

Parking and traffic will be impacted.

Give yourself extra time to navigate the roads around the community where buildings are being re-roofed. There will be heavy equipment, dumpsters, work crews, and vehicles, other obstacles passing across and down roadways and alleys.

You may not be able to park in your usual street parking spaces, and when your garage is being re-roofed, we strongly encourage you not to park in your driveway to avoid debris accidentally impacting your car.

This project will take about 6-8 weeks to finish.

On behalf of the Board and United Roofing, we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding while this work is carried out safely and effectively. Your roofing system is one of the most critical elements of your building's envelope, protecting your home from rain and wind and keeping it insulated from air temperature. It pays to take it slow and steady and get the job done right.

Tree work will be taking place as well.

Tree trimming will be taking place prior to the start of the roofing project to give better access to the roofs.