Independence Townhomes III

2022 Exterior Repainting Project

Let's Get Colorful

It's time to repaint! Part of the responsibility of the Independence Townhomes III Association on behalf of its homeowners is the regular repainting of all building exteriors, in accordance with the Reserve schedule. In general, buildings are repainted approximately every seven years. Paint is a critical part of the building envelope: it helps to prevent water intrusion that can damage the stucco and walls, and of course, a bright clean coat of paint brings an instant bump to curb appeal, which adds to the overall value of your home.

After carefully reviewing multiple bids, the Board selected Prestige Contractor Services as its partner in this project. You will see crew members from this company working around your home when it is time to prep and paint.

It will take approximately 13-15 weeks to finish repainting all
21 buildings and 125 homes in the Association, weather permitting.

What We Need From You

Projects of this size and scope cannot be successful without your support and cooperation.
Here's what we ask of you to ensure we get everything right the first time.

Exterior furniture, decorations, and storage items

When your building is next to be painted, you will receive an email from the Management team, as well as a hanger on your front door, alerting you that it is time to take inside any exterior furniture (front and back), decorations on the patios or walls, flags and flagpoles, and storage items near the painted walls of your home. You must cooperate in this effort to avoid damage to your items and/or incomplete painting of your unit.

Exterior doors

Your front door, back lanai door, and garage door(s) will also be painted in this project. When it is time, you will be notified that the paint crew needs access to the interior door frame of your front door. You will need to have someone home to open the door and let them paint the frame. The crew will not need to enter your home, just paint around the open door.

Driveway parking

When the paint crew is working on your building, you are strongly advised to park your car away from the driveway to avoid overspray and to help with making your garage doors and walls more accessible. The paint crew must be able to safely and fully paint your garage door. 

Screen enclosures

Prestige Contractor Services will have a crew on-site to safely remove panels from your screen enclosure, if necessary, and restore them after the painting is finished. You will need to be prepared for paint crews to work in your back yard/courtyard area throughout the project.

Pets & kids

As with any project of this type, we ask you to use extreme caution with pets and kids around the exterior of your home while painting is underway. The type of paint we have selected is fast-drying, but you should be prepared for mild odors and the possibility of some areas of wet paint immediately after application. It is important to keep pets and kids away from the area until the paint is fully dry.

Painted patio & lanai floors

If your front patio and/or lanai floor is painted concrete, it will be repainted as part of this project. You must have all furniture items, potted plants, carpets and rugs, storage items, grills, etc. safely removed or consolidated to the center of the room to allow for pressure washing and painting.

Communication with the crew

If you have any questions or concerns about this project, the performance of the crew, or your unit specifically, please contact Jose Pinto from Prestige Contractor Services, who will be our on-site coordinator. You can reach him by phone at 407-468-9193, or email [email protected]. Please also communicate with our Management team by emailing [email protected] or calling

Building colors

Click here to view a list of building colors by address. In general, most units are being repainted the same color as they were painted before, but some buildings will see modifications to make the finished paint scheme durable, modern, and complementary to the community overall.

Painting schedule

Buildings will be painted in small groups of two at a time to ensure quality workmanship.

The first two buildings to be painted are 21 and 20, located on Avenue of the Arbors facing Independence Elementary. Buildings will then be painted in descending order, ending with Buildings 2 and 1 on New Independence Parkway at Schoolhouse Pond Road.

As we are entering the wet summer season, paint schedule is subject to change.

The Painting Process

What to expect as this project progresses over the summer.

Pressure Washing

Before the buildings are repainted, they will first be thoroughly pressure washed to remove accumulated mold, dirt, and mildew.


Crews will carefully inspect the stucco around every building to detect cracks and fissures that need to be repaired before they can be painted.

Taping & Protecting

After pressure washing, buildings will be painted in small groups, one or two at a time. Painters will work quickly but carefully to tape around details and fixtures, and cover glass windows and screen enclosure panels to protect them from overspray. Windows will be covered for as brief a period as possible.


In groups of two buildings at a time, crews will apply Sherwin-Williams paint products to the exterior of the buildings. Paint will be applied using both sprayers and rollers and in multiple coats. Please be patient with this process in the warm summer months when weather delays may occur.

Punch List

On a building-by-building basis, the Board and Management team will inspect the work product and develop punch-list items that need to be addressed by the contractor before the work is considered complete.